Delete user

POST /user/delete

Delete all information from a specific user. This endpoint should be used in case a user would like to delete all their information from your and our systems (e.g. GDPR).



  • user_id string Required

    The id of the user your would like to delete

  • reason string

    In case you want to give it a reason. e.g. GDPR request


  • 200 application/json


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POST /user/delete
curl \
 -X POST \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer lasso.a35afd...a6ea" \
 -d '{"user_id":"clczbfbhh0000sa90h45xv3cg","reason":"GDPR Deletion Request"}'
Request example
# Headers
Authorization: Bearer lasso.a35afd...a6ea

# Payload
  "user_id": "clczbfbhh0000sa90h45xv3cg",
  "reason": "GDPR Deletion Request"
Response examples (200)
  "success": true